Information Security Policy







Confidentiality and Safety?

We work toward to provide the best products and high-tech technology which are accepted in global scale to our customers,

In order to protect our reputation and brand value to our employees, customers, suppliers and the public, we maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the information which was possessed during our business,

We have implemented and adopted domestic and international standards in the development of the company,

We will continuously update and improve Information Security Management System. As a result, we can be an acknowledged firm in domestic and international markets.

We organize and manage information security as teamwork

We constantly innovate and improve our information technology

We have an information risk management (IRM) and we keep improving it to keep maintain safety of information

We work in full compliance with the Information Security Rules to protect our company’s credibility and image

We comply with legislation, standards, and third-party legal agreements in accordance with the conditions set forth in Information Security.