Towards a Global Company: Soma Chemistry!

We are on our way with the mission of producing quality, innovative and reliable solutions to the needs of the construction sector in Turkey and worldwide. We are progressing with the vision of being a leading provider of our field by maintaining our quality, increasing and adapting to the needs of the era.

In addition to exporting to more than 50 countries, we play a major role in the recognition of Turkey’s name with quality in our industry. In the focus of the principle of preserving and increasing our existing quality, we have a considerable reputation in the construction sector of the countries in which we work and continue to work in the new market.

Since the day we were founded, we are a company that always performs first principles in the sector with our customer and quality oriented studies. We have 148 different product portfolios with our own formulations and brands. Since our foundation, we have been honored by many institutions, including IKMIBB and IMMIB. Soma
kimya continues to work with the first day’s love with the awards we receive, the excitement of our customers who are satisfied with our quality and the life we have facilitated.